Grand opening!

Our journey 🎊🎊 which will begin on Thursday, October 13th.

This project started on June 1.
It may have been long for you, but for me it was short.

We are not Canadian.
We are not young.
We are not fluent in English.
But we took on the challenge.

I am not a professional constructor and our restaurant may not be perfect.
We still have a lot of work to do: exterior walls, entrance doors, bench seats, etc.
Please give me a chance to show you how we are improving little by little.
I am a director at Neko Ramen's headquarters.
After the restaurant opens, I generally don't go out to the restaurant and work back at my desk in the office.
But it will be my job to clean the toilets before opening and wash the dishes when the restaurant is busy.
I may be able to meet you. Please feel free to call on me.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support of so many people who have helped me get this far.
I will do my best more from now on, so please continue to support me.

I dedicate this experience to my dear daughters in Japan.


Samurai Warrior/Mother Midori

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