Neko Rame is the brainchild of Shige and Midori

who fell in love with Cowichan Valley.

By utilizing ramen as a gateway to bring new wave to others

Neko Ramen want to be a fun place share more than just ramen crafted authentically Japanese culture.

Along with the evolving Cowichan Valley
we also hope to offer fusion cuisine that remixes the flavors of Japan and Canada.

Chef Shige

Born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Stayed in Winnipeg, Canada on a working holiday when Shige was in his 20s.

Trained under a Japanese chef in French cuisine, then moved to the south of France for further training.

After returning to Japan, Shige opened a French restaurant.

Shige has tasted and prototyped not only French cuisine, but also Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and dishes from many countries.

Shige moved to Canada with his family in 2015, and after working as a sushi chef for three years, he began serving ramen at a brewery called "Small Block" in Duncan.

Shige was able to open his own restaurant in downtown Duncan, which has always been a dream of Shige.

Shige is excited about this new challenge!

Director Midori

Born in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, but spent Midori’s childhood in in Nagasaki, Kyushu.

After spending Midori’s school days in a rural town rich in nature, Midori moved to Osaka with her passion for start something new.

After working in various occupations, Midori established a company in Japan with Shigeki.

With over 30 years of experience in the beauty and health industry, Midori in charge of human resource development and new business produce.

Midori was in charge of creating the concept for "Neko Ramen", logo creation, opening of the restaurant, and handling all the paperwork involved in establishing the company in Canada.

Midori was also involved in the renovation of the restaurant.

In the future, Midori would like to share her experience with others who are interested in starting their own businesses.

To youth, working mothers, and new immigrants to Canada.